Shinomiya & Co., Ltd. was established as a family business in 1961 in Kobe, Japan.
Since the Port of Kobe opened for international trade 150 years ago, Kobe city has grown into a unique cosmopolitan gateway and hub of distribution for local and foreign goods.

Thanks to this geographical and historical background, pulse houses in Kobe have been trading not only domestic pulses, but also those from abroad, for many years.
We import safe and good quality beans from Europe, North America, China, Australia, and so on.
As the number of foreigners coming to Japan increases, and as Japanese become much more accepting ethnic foods in recent years, we endeavor to introduce new kinds of pulses to the Japanese.

We would like to work closely with suppliers who can flexibly accommodate clients' requests, which may be great or small in quantity, as well as varied among different products.

CEO Taichi Shinomiya


Name Shinomiya & Co., Ltd.
Office location 1-11, 3-chome, Eizawa-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe, Japan, 652-0816
Establishment May 6, 1961
CEO Taichi Shinomiya
Products Dried beans and peas
Main suppliers USA、Canada、China、UK、Myanmar、AUS
HOKUREN & Local Suppliers
Main Bank Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank (Hyogo Branch), Risona Bank (Kobe branch), Awa Bank (Kobe branch)


  • Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange
  • Kansai pulse dealers Co-op
  • Kobe pulse dealers association
  • Japan Pea and Bean Importers Association
  • Chamber of commerce of Kobe


We have a great interest in high quality beans and peas. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.

  • 078-512-1161


1-11, 3-chome, Eizawa-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe, 652-0816, Japan
TEL 078-512-1161 / FAX 078-512-1167

15min walk from JR Kobe Station
5min walk from Kobe Kousoku Shinkaichi Station